FamiLEE Ancestors

[ Ancestry Notes ]
Generations 25-29 New! Robert Fitzhugh Lee is the 25th generation (approx.) Lee
Generations 21-25 New! William Lee(1746-1803) through Robert Fitzhugh Lee
Generations 17-21 New! Richard Lee(1613-1664) through William Lee(1746-1803)
Generations 13-17 New! Humphrey Lee(1506-1588) through Richard Lee(1613-1664)
Generations 9-13 New! John De Lee(1398-1424) through Humphrey Lee(1506-1588))
Generations 5-9 New! Thomas De La Lee(1295-?) through John De Lee(1398-1424)
Generations 1-5 New! Thomas De Lee(1198-1234) through Thomas De La Lee(1295-?)
Before the 1st Generation New! De Meer Warrine(1100-1165) through Thomas De Lee(1198-1234)