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Ancestry Research Notes

July 30, 2003: I have determined that Garnett Lee's (22nd gen.) father, William Lee, was NOT the William Lee who was the son of Thomas and Hannah Ludwell Lee of the Stratford Hall Lees. Garnett's father was William Lee, son of Charles and Anne Dabbs Lee of Bedford, Virginia. This William Lee married Avey Noell and had nine children, including Edwin James Lee's grandfather Garnett Lee and Sarah Virginia Lee's grandfather John Lee. As we have already known, Robert Fitzhugh Lee's parents were second cousins. All of these Lees can trace direct lineage back to Richard "The Immigrant" Lee. This new family line indicates that we are not quite as closely related to Robert E. Lee as previously thought. I have also made some preliminary research into our ancestry back to 1100 AD, which makes the Lees one of the longest running family trees in America and England. Navigate back through the famiLEE tree pages to the pre-first generation page. According to my research, Hugo De La Lee(1178-1219) was the son of Fulk-Fitz Warrine(1152-1189) of France. Hugo relocated to a pasture land, or meadow, in England, and his surname became known as Lee, which is derived from "lea" (meadow). I will continue to research our interesting heritage and post my findings here. I will notify everyone via email when new results are posted to this web site. If you would like to be notified and your email address is NOT on the email address directory, please contact me to let me know.